Acknowledgements (“Utkranti”) is a social initiative towards elevation of every family. It strives to spread awareness on the importance of appropriate planning during ‘Early Career and Marriage’ phase of life. It encourages every family to plan well in terms of family members’ education, finances and health by keeping family size at optimum level which is aimed at developing an ability to work towards planned tangible progress of the family.

While working on this mission, Utkranti collects success stories of families which have worked hard to address their current challenges, stabilise themselves and made successful effors towards elevation of their next generation. These success stories are from all available sources like information in the field, newspapers, magazines, Internet articles etc.

In order to encourage the community towards Utkranti’s goal, Utkranti publishes these stories on its website under section ‘Inspiring Stories’ with appropriate credits assigned to the source.

Utkranti congratulates the individuals and families appearing in the success stories. It also acknowledges with gratitude and conveys thanks to all the sources who collected and published these inspiring success stories.

If any of the parties associated with any of these success stories, whether the individual or family appearing in the success story or the source who has collected the success story, has any objection to publishing this information on website, kindly contact us immediately. We will ensure that after an appropriate review of your objection, we will remove the subject story and relevant information from our website with immediate effect.