What we do

Utkranti.org is committed to work towards elevation of every family. It encourages the community to realise, plan and execute elevation of the next generation. The elevation need not be accidental – but by systematic efforts towards achieving the goal.

Utkranti.org undertakes following activities in order to drive its vision and mission:
1. Maintain a website with resources for every family to read, understand and plan on how they can elevate their next generations. The website has a repository of success stories of families from all types of social groups who have worked hard to successfully achieve elevation of next generations. These stories are intended to provide inspiration to every new family to plan their lives well.
2. With the help of volunteers, conduct awareness sessions within society to spread the importance of evolution. Leverage different channels like news papers, radio etc wherever possible and needed to spread awareness.
3. With the help of volunteers, reach out to maximum number of people who have just started their career and are newly wed, to explain the importance of all round planning and encourage them to take a pledge to work towards elevation of their family members
4. In future, plan for periodic awards to recognise families who have managed spectacular elevations against all odds.