About us

Utkranti.org is a social organisation which aims to address one of the fundamental root causes of the endless plight in a significant parts of our society – the unplanned, aimless set up and growth of an Indian family. This issue results into hardship not only for the breadwinner in the family but also for his/her parents and children. The vicious circle creates a mammoth recurring challenge for the family depriving of further elevation.

India develops into a country where all families are self sufficient and tangibly progressive, resulting into a satisfied and happy society where the need for orphanages, child care centres or old age homes is very low and is only for very genuine extreme cases.

Encourage every person starting his/her new career and family, to plan in such a manner that he/she is able to live successful life and help their children to achieve higher levels on education, health, financial and social matters.

Why the name ‘Utkranti’? 
The word ‘Utkranti’ in Sanskrit means Evolution… here we aim at an evolution of one family at a time. If every family owner plans well and ensures that their next generation is elevated, entire country will progress as a nation.