The need for evolution

Few years ago I purchased an apartment in a large housing complex which was to have 24 buildings after completion. Mine was the 3rd building, it was completed in the first phase of construction and I moved into the apartment while construction for further buildings was in progress.

As part of the housing complex house-keeping service, the governing body of housing complex had recruited Anna (name changed) to collect garbage from each households in the building. Anna, his wife and son used to visit each household everyday morning to collect the garbage into a container. The container was then emptied into a large pit for pick up by the municipal garbage collection truck.

Next year, the 4th building was completed and I could see a daughter of Anna in the garbage collection team. After few years, I realised that Anna had grown his family to 4 children who all were part of his team, with set of buildings assigned to each of them for garbage collection duty. I called Anna and asked – you have so much of hardship to make both ends meet. Why are you continuing to grow your family? He replied “with a larger family I am able to serve more and more buildings to collect garbage and earn more money”.

I was shocked and pondered for long over the case. Anna is growing his family to serve more and more buildings for garbage collection. Does Anna realise that in a bid to serve more buildings, he is creating more and more garbage collectors by design? Why he was unable to assess his overall abilities (financial, social etc) and restrict to a smaller family where he could have taken better care of them? Does he even aspire to see that his next generation is able to elevate to the next level – may be move into some other profession or to continue in the same profession but start their own company to give housekeeping services to housing societies in the area on turnkey basis?

There are many Anna equivalents in our society. While struggling for their own survival, they can not even think of how they can plan and take efforts to elevate their next generations. is established to encourage community to realise, plan and execute elevation of the next generation. The elevation need not be accidental – but by systematic efforts towards achieving the goal. believes that once every parent is able to elevate its next generation, we will move to a desired state happiness and satisfaction, where the society does not need orphanages, under-privileged children homes or old age homes, except in extreme genuine situations. Every family will be right sized, healthy, financially stable – leading to a prosperous and progressive society.