Son of a Railway employee becomes IAS

Pune: Densely populated and busy Matoshri Ramabai Ambedkar habitat on Tadivala Road)… common to see illegal businesses and crimes happening here… but a person living in the ‘Railway Diesel Colony’ of same area overcomes adversity and passes the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Exam. Not just passes but secures 7th rank in the state and 160th rank in the country … he is the son of a railway staffer – Dinesh Ramesh Gurav!

Ramesh Gurav has been working in the Railways’s Diesel Loco-shed in Ghorpadi for 35 years. They are living in the Diesel Colony in the Ramabai Ambedkar residence since Dinesh’ birth. In the two small rooms, this family of 4-5 members is living for many years. The atmosphere around is not conducive for education. Irrespective of the company Dinesh got during the childhood, the parents raised him up with a goal to make him intelligent and capable.

Dinesh was aware that he was the only earning member in the house. So he never asked his parents for any items like mobile, vehicles or any other revelry. Rather he bought a laptop and vehicle using his own scholarship money, lauds his father Ramesh. He is very proud to show the cupboard full of awards and toffees won by Dinesh. While studying at Ramanbagh New English school, Dinesh continued to be a topper in Class X and XII. After the study in Ferguson College, he acquired admission into the College of Engineering (COEP) for the B.Tech course. After participating in the’Progressive India’ camp by COEP and visiting ‘Chanakya’ at Melghat, the realities encouraged him to appear for UPSC exam and become an IAS office. According to that, he achieved success in his second attempt.

Dinesh gets up at 6 am in the morning and includes yoga, running, meditation in his routine on priority. As per him, this routine enabled him to control pressures and stress in life. During his UPSC examination preparations, in addition to the COEP’s study centre, he gave importance to self study as well. Dinesh says, “We tried to get friends from the neighbourhood as well to get better education. After passing the ‘IAS’ examination, I am going to villages and are spreading awareness about about this examination. There is nothing impossible in life, you have to try hard and honestly.”

Source: Sakal Pune 31 Jul 2017

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